Who are we? Transportation company Canada – United States

The owners of TranscoMAX inc. Kendra Lavinscas President and Mathieu Brazé Vice President have over 45 years of experience in the transportation industry. TranscoMAX Inc. has a dynamic and professional team, and all the employees of Transcomax Inc. are trained to advise every customer from A to Z using state –of-the-art computer technology.

TranscoMAX Inc. draws a simple and efficient portrait of the best choices and strategies, allowing each customer to ship their merchandise as fast as possible while minimizing transportation costs.

TranscoMAX Inc. is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So, even after business hours the telephone lines remain open. Customers are always in direct contact with the company. In addition, the continuous and strictly controlled tracking process allows customers to check the progress of the delivery at any time of the day, as well as the date and time at which the merchandise reached its destination.

These are not empty promises, only an honest and realistic objective that always leads to a delivery arriving on time, often before the deadline. Simply put, we offer a reliable and steady service at competitive rates that at the end of the day will help prevent major headaches!

Our History

In November 1996, Francine Lalonde and Kendra Lavinscas launched TranscoMAX Inc. in the field of transportation.

These two business woman took the Canadian and American markets by storm with their confidence and energy. Beginning as a small business, TranscoMAX Inc. grew rapidly to become the solid company that it is today, thanks to the expertise, the competence, and passion of the team surrounding Kendra Lavinscas. The impressive growth of TranscoMAX Inc. is due, in large part the company’s ability to take on, and successfully complete new challenges.

Our Values

At TranscoMAX Inc., success is synonymous with partnership, reliability, and honesty. From the local customer to the international company, everyone will find a personalized service to help them meet their objectives.


TranscoMAX Inc has built a reputation on honesty. When a member of our team say we can do it, we do it, and it we cannot we find a transparent solution that the client will be happy with always.


Our logo says it all for a Maximum Service and that is what we deliver.


One of our strongest beliefs is partnership. We make it our goal to always have a win win solution.

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